Our Credibility

A bright star shines down on us and fills us with positive energy, focus and happiness. Mr. Uday Kumar Tuljapurkar has always been our inspiration. When he was here, he was a driving force to be reckoned with, a man passionate about property, professionalism and commitment to his clients. He was the founder of Bhaktawar Realtors in 1975 and the stalwart who opened it’s first office in Neelam Centre in Worli Mumbai. Today, he may be no more, but we remain inspired and driven by his memory.

Our Team

Rahul Tuljapurkar Founder

Rahul got an early start in the world of property development through his family business. As a young adult, he would enjoy site visits with his father and from very early on was exposed to the inner workings of Mumbai property development. At 23, Rahul took over the business sharing the reins with his sister. Since then, Rahul’s experience and expertise have evolved to include a deep knowledge of all aspects of the property world including legal, brokerage, accounting etc.

Pratima Tuljapurkar Consultant

Pratima believes that if the sale and rental process is stress free for our clients, they will be part of the My Neighbourhood Property Solutions family for life! Her cheerful disposition and professional attitude have created a positive impact on the business.

Deepak Tolani Consultant

A sharp mind with a clear understanding of finances and legalities, Deepak has worked with futures and trading for the NYSE and other financial centres across the globe. He re-entered the Indian market and has evolved into a valuable consultant with MNPS. Deepak brings to the table a clear understanding and value for finances and his ability to provide the most accurate and clear guidance on investments, renting, buying, legal and other documentation.

GANESH D.M. Consultant

Ganesh is nothing short of a genius detective when it comes to real estate. He is passionate about the business of buying and rentals and recalls fondly executing his first lease at 2 am in 2000. Since then it has been a journey inspired by his late Guru, Shri Kumar and enhanced by his own unique ability to understand the needs of each unique client at MNPS and deliver them their dream property! His sincerity, hard work and advice are treasured by us and our customers.

Akilesh Singh Property Manager

When it comes to all issues of maintenance, home improvements and renovations, Akilesh is the MNPS expert we turn to. 20 plus years of experience has given this team member the ability to execute projects with precision and way before deadline!

Vilas Ingale Stamp Duty And Registration

Our man of the ground, Vilas, has seen the world of real estate evolve over 20 years. He is an expert in the inner workings and the execution of registration, stamp duty, valuation etc. Clients count on his knowledge and expertise to finalize their ideal spaces.

Tanay Gupta Digital & Technology Expert

A home is accentuated by the fittings that add value to it. Tanay has technical knowledge in home security, entertainment systems, home improvements and automation and used his expertise in these areas to identify properties and offer our clients the ultimate buying and rental experiences.


Akilesh Bhargav Chartered accountant

Mr. Bhargava is a senior chartered accountant. His firm, arb & co. Was formed in 1988 and is a well reputed boutique consulting firm based at mumbai that provides dedicated services to clients across the globe, in the fields of taxation, transfer pricing, fema/ remittances and joint venture in particular.

Rohit Bhoite Interior designer

Rohit hails from a family with a passion for design. He chose the pathway of Interior design over others because of his appreciation of the art form that appeals to the Conscious mind and the perceiving eye and shapes the way people live, work, relax and play. From learning to teaching, rohit now spearheads his own design studio which works on prestigious National and global projects in the space of architecture and design.

Yunus Jhaveri Architect

One of mumbai city's senior most architects, mr. Yunus jhaveri has been a part of Mumbai's heritage since the early 80's, adding to the city's aesthetic presence creating unique And outstanding urban structures. Since graduating with a masters in architecture from ohio State university, mr. Jhaveri has been the principal architect for more than 150 projects to Date, creating residential and commercial projects of immense repute. Employing years of Experience and his superior technical expertise, mr. Jhaveri strives to enable mumbai to take Its rightful place amongst the premiere cities of the world through passion, architectural Expertise and an impeccable.

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