Frequently Asked Questions

What are your charges ?
  • We charge 1% for outright deals.
  • We charge 30 Days rent for lease deals.
Is this real! It must be a dream! Someone pinch me!

It is all true! MNPS has vast experience in the property business and an approach toward creating better lives for all our clients by ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction while guiding you every step of the way.

Will we get to talk to the owners directly?

Yes! Owners trust us to show their homes to only legitimate interested renters and buyers like you and are listed with us directly and are accessible to us to answer any queries or to set up meetings to close deals.

Will your team help with paperwork?

Paper work can be real daunting like KYC documentation, proof of ownership, no objection certificates, police verifications, BMC approvals, RERA certifications etc. We make sure that the documents are procured and help in applications for all necessary permissions to help make your transaction seamless.

Does My Neighbourhood Property Solutions have a legal eagle and Accountant on board?

A great legal contract is a great beginning to any sale or lease. It is important to know that the law protects both the lessor and the lessee in any legal sale or rental contract. Our legal team consists of consultants from the top legal firms in India who are on board to ensure that you have a well written and fair plan in place to bind both parties safely and with the least amount of room for friction.

Similarly we have empanelled brilliant Chartered Accountants to help us ensure the correct paperwork is done as well

Is there an additional charge for legal and accountant services?

Yes! If you are looking for some in-depth answers to understand things like your tax liability, implications of sale on tax structure etc., it will take great expertise to get you the right answers. This is a paid service but we offer you the best people to get the advice from.

I am an NRI (Non Resident Indian). Is My Neighbourhood Property Solutions a good fit for me?

As NRIs have additional documentation and legal process our team helps with the same and also provides exclusive day-to-day property management.

If you are part of the NRI community and need assistance leasing or renting please write to us.

Is the registration process necessary with My Neighbourhood Property Solutions?

When you decide to use our services, we require you to register with us, providing basic information about yourself. This helps us verify you as a genuine buyer or renter.

Owners are also more comfortable and secure when they know a little bit about you when they let us open their homes to you.

All in all, the registration process is due diligence that works to benefit all parties involved and to build a relationship of trust and mutual respect.

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